Interview by Jehna Lloyd

This interview conducted by Jehna Lloyd (2018 Salutatorian) was originally posted on the blog she created, developed and maintained. Due to technical difficulties we had to move the blog to another site (this one!) – but we are back and Jehna deserves all the credit for getting this ball rolling! She sat down and interviewed one of the 2018 graduating class’s stars – Donatto Navas.
Please read the interview below!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Donatto, a senior from Hostos Lincoln. Donatto walked me through his very own college decision process and shed some light on how he managed to choose despite getting many different offers. Donatto has been an SEO scholar since 9th grade, is the highest ranking guy in our class, and is graduating with the degree in a couple of weeks! Having so many options to choose from, read our interview to find out what school he ultimately picked!

Jehna (interviewer): To start us off, Donatto, how many colleges did you apply to?

Donatto: Hmmm… well… let me think… three CUNY… three SUNY…. and…Ummm…*counts on fingers* … oh! Fifteen privates.

Jehna: WHAT! FIFTEEN! So that’s like…

Donnatto: Yep, twenty-one schools altogether.

Jehna: Why so many?

Donatto: Well there were three safety, three target, two reaches, and seven QuestBridge.

Jehna: QuestBridge?

Donatto: Yea, it’s a scholarship, like of like Posse.

Jehna: OHHH, okay. Wow! That’s awesome. So out of the twenty-one you applied to, how many did you get accepted to?

Donatto: *counts on fingers* Fifteen.

Jehna: I’m sure it was difficult having to pick from fifteen. How’d you go about that?

Donatto: Well, most of the schools gave me a lot of money, I got a full ride to two schools, and the others gave me close to it- so money wasn’t an option.

Jehna: So after you narrowed it down to the schools you were really interested in, which were those?

Donatto: I was stuck between Boston University, Wesleyan University, and the University of Michigan.

Jehna: And what did it all boil down to?

Donatto: Distance.

Jehna: And you ended up choosing…

Donatto: Wesleyan. I chose Wesleyan because even though it didn’t have a diverse body of majors, it offered me a full ride and allowed me to stay close to home while still providing a good education.

Jehna: That’s awesome. I’m happy you found the school that’s best for you! That’s amazing.

Donatto: Thank you, that means a lot.

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