Should Community College Be Free?

Here is what some of our student’s think.  This is taken from another of Jehna Lloyd’s original interviews.
Leonor, one of our juniors who take classes at Hostos CC feel colleges should be tuition-free because “everyone has the right to an education. It’s not fair that private colleges thrive off the money of the wealthy since it doesn’t affect their pockets. Many people here in the Bronx can’t get a higher education than high school because they don’t want to take out college loans.”

This is an issue lots of people of color face. The financial stress of paying tution, amongst all other expeneses that come with college, as well as keeping up with the day-to-day cost of living can hinder some to going back to school.

Britney, a senior at Hostos, said “paying for knowledge is preposterous. When you know better, you do better. Why wouldn’t colleges want to give their services to the less fortunate? They should be begging to teach!”

“If college was free, more minorities would be enrolled. Education opens doors that will never close”, said Mustafa, a 12th grader at Hostos.

Leonor continued to say, “Everyone should be able to grow in their academic career and with free college, it would be possible.”

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