Summer 2018

This summer was incredible! We had over 100 students taking 7 different classes: 2 sections of Interpersonal Relationships, 2 sections of Social Problems, 2 sections of Acting and 1 section of Literature of the Black American – a writing intensive class.  Many of our rising 10th graders began the next leg of their college journey with their first college class!  Our 11th and 12th graders continued to check off the classes needed in order to graduate. It was an exciting 5 weeks!

For the first time we also had 2 social media interns who handled our social media accounts.  They also story boarded, recorded, and edited weekly videos! I am grateful that I get to work with such amazing youth. It is hard to NOT feel inspired by them.

Enjoy some photos from our end of semester Ice Cream CELEBRATION (a thinly veiled textbook return event!).

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