Decision Day 2019 – Who is going where?!

Our seniors participated in the national “Decision Day” campaign this year! Check out some photographs from the event here. Below is a a video of (most of) our seniors – along with the schools that they will be attending next year.

Out of the 75 students who participated in Decision Day 2019 –  61% of them will be staying in the CUNY system and continuing their education in one of our 20 campuses! 15 students are continuing on at a SUNY schools, 10 are going to private institutions (including NYU, Fordham and MIT!), 2 are headed to vocational schools and 2 are joining the Army.

Take a minute, or 5 –  because we have a lot of successful students! #goodproblems

The music in the video below is an original work by Hostos Professor Joseph Caravalho. We are a wealth of talent over here at Hostos Community College!


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