Happy New (SCHOOL) Year!

New Year, New Us! This year my new (school) year resolution is to make sure to broaden my net in highlighting not only the amazing academic achievements of our students in the Hostos Lincoln Academy/Hostos Community College partnership – but to also highlight the athletic, social, and academic achievements of those students at the middle school and high-school that I don’t get the privilege of meeting through the partnership.

Hostos Lincoln Academy is a special place – “the ‘gem’ of the South Bronx” as described by one of my colleagues at Early College central, Mr. Michael Steele. It is more than a school where students graduate with their Associates Degrees and high-school diplomas at the same time (ALTHOUGH THAT IS SPECTACULAR ITSELF). It is the best example I have ever seen of the amazing results you get when you invest time and resources into students – when you put emphasis on social/emotional growth as well as academic performance.  Keep in mind – we are an unscreened school, in District 7, in the South Bronx – that hasn’t stopped us from succeeding in test scores, in college classes, or in sports.

Please stay tuned as I pass the “virtual” mic to students this year and let them tell their own stories on this site.  I can’t wait to read what they have to say.

What are your new (school) year resolutions?!

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