2020 Middle School Immersion Week | Course List

Every year we invite our Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science 6th graders to the college for a week of college immersion. This week introduces the students to college, they take samples of college classes taught by college professors and begin and start their day here on campus.  The classes they are introduced to are from a variety of departments here at Hostos: Natural Science, English, Digital Music, Game Design, Education, and Athletics.  This gives them a taste of what they can expect to take as an early college student – but also gives them an idea of the vast amount of resources that are available to them as Early College Initiative students on a college campus.  Please stay tuned for more posts about our middle school immersion week highlighting some of the projects that were developed by our students.

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A description from Hostos’ course catalog is below:

BIO 111 Principles in Biology Laboratory

1 credit, 2 hours
Pre-requisites: MAT 10 or passing the COMPASS M1 exam, AND if taught in English: ESL 91, ENG 91 or equivalent, or ENG 101, ENG 102 or higher. If taught in Spanish, SPA 121. Co-requisites: BIO 110, AND MAT 10 or passing the COMPASS M1 exam, AND If taught in English: ESL 91, ENG 91 or equivalent, or ENG 101, ENG 102 or higher. If taught in Spanish, SPA 121.
This course is designed to give students an overview of the principles of biology that apply to living organisms. Topics examined will include the structure and function of the cell, diffusion and osmosis, types of plant and animal tissues, molecular biology, and animal reproduction and development. The laboratory illustrates the concepts discussed in the lecture. This course is for non-science major students. Offered in Spanish and English.

PED 145 Black & Puerto Rican Dance (Formerly PED 0145)

1 credit, 2 hours
The student will perform the basic movements of Black and Puerto Rican dance. The student will have the opportunity to explore creative movement. This course will meet for two hours per week for one semester. Offered in English and Spanish.

 DM 106 Introduction to Recording Techniques

3 credits, 3 hours

This course will give students experience with the recording process by introducing them to varied approaches and techniques, individual hands on projects involving many of the most valuable tools and components, and by explaining how these techniques and components are used in common applications. In this process, students will be exposed to basic electronics, signal flow, elementary acoustic design, microphone types, microphone placement, and a myriad of signal processing tools and techniques. A series of projects will give students hands on experience and help them to develop a stronger applicable skill set as well as improve their critical listening skills.

FYS 101 Freshman Year Seminar | A New York State of Mind

3 credits, 3 hours Pre/Co-Requisite: ENG 91/93 or ESL 91/93 or higher. Requirement Designation: Regular Liberal Arts.

The First-Year Seminar is a one-semester course that introduces first-year students to the college experience. Centered on a specific inter-disciplinary academic theme, A New York State of Mind: What Makes a City Great, the seminar introduces students to the academic experiences of college life while providing them with an integrated approach to developing the study skills and habits of mind they will need to succeed in college. Students will practice academic survival and success strategies such as time-management and note-taking. Students will read, write and discuss academic content both formally and informally and will use multi-media approaches to deepening their understanding of course material. The Seminar fosters critical inquiry, collaborative learning and community building. Students will become familiar with the College’s many resources and support services and will participate in a library workshop designed to foster information literacy.


DD 107 Concepts in Animation

3 credits 3 hours
Prerequisites: DD 101 Introduction to the Digital Toolbox
This course introduces students to principles and techniques of character animation. With an emphasis on process, experimentation, and critical thinking, students will explore techniques for depicting movement, expression and emotion through an assortment of projects working with traditional and digital animation techniques. Projects will involve physical movement, narrative structure, character development and sound design. By terms end each student will have the beginnings of a sophisticated animation portfolio.


PED 100 Personal Physical Fitness (Formerly PED 0100)
1 credit, 2 hours
The module is required of all freshman students in programs requiring physical education. The student will analyze modern concepts of fitness; obtain an evaluation of his or her own level of fitness and health and participate in a variety of exercise programs designed to improve the muscular and cardiovascular systems. Students will be counseled to answer their fitness-health needs.


GD 101 Introduction to Games

3 credits, 3 hours

This course introduces students to game culture, theory, design and development. Principles from traditional board games, sports games, and party games will be analyzed and this analysis will then be applied to designing two paper-based games over the course of the semester. Students will analyze several readings focusing on game history and theory. They will also play, make and analyze several games in order to build a common and more extensive vocabulary to both discuss and understand what game development is all about.


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