Continuity is defined as “the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.” That is us right now. We are unbroken. We exist AND we are going to continue to do so through this tumultuous period. We have endured and we will persist.

CUNY currently defines continuity through various changes in academic scheduling, learning best practices, and policy. Visit the CUNY website for all of the latest updates.  Our Chancellor has been at the forefront of leadership as our city and state PAUSES in an attempt to recalibrate.  Here is a message from him.

As the city, state, and nation slow down – our great university system does also. Over the last few weeks there have been daily changes, sometimes hourly – and over the next few weeks – we can expect more of the unexpected.  We all have alot of questions – and there are not alot of answers.

What I do have an enormous amount of is faith. Faith in you – and in the resilience of our communities.  This is not the first challenge we have survived, and it will certainly not be our last. I have heard time and time again that this is a time of confusion and uncertainty – so if you are feeling that way – you are not alone.

I challenge us all to remember that this is also a time to sow. Manifest what the next chapter will look like in our lives – because this will end – and we should be looking ahead to harvest the fruits of the opportunities that we plant today.

“Kindness eases change. Love quiets fear. And a sweet and powerful positive obsession blunts pain, diverts rage, and engages each of us in the greatest, the most intense of our chosen struggles.”
― Octavia E. Butler








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  1. Elizabeth Wilson says:

    What a beautiful piece – both the sentiment and the craft of the writing. Keep it up.


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