Are You Ready?

I was not ready for this. For any of this. I was not ready to not see my coworkers again. I was not ready to not see my student’s again. To not be able to see my mom.

I was not ready to not be able to order my son’s 8th grade graduation pictures or watch him “graduate” onto to High School.  I was not ready to not see the seniors walk across the stage and received their Associates AND THEN their high-school diplomas.  I was not ready to not meet your parents and tell them how proud I am of y’all and all  your accomplishments.


BUT I got ready.

I got ready through conversations and planning and working with people who even though they weren’t ready either – we all knew we had to be. Some of those people were from CUNY, some from Early College Initiative and from Hostos.  Specifically, Hostos’s  EDTech department.

The Educational Technology department at Hostos Community College was ready. Maybe not for the pandemic, but definitely for online/distant learning.  They have been developing tools and workshops and support for online classes for many years.

If you are having trouble with Blackboard/CUNYFirst or online learning in general TAKE THIS 30 MINUTE WORKSHOP!

The topics that are discussed are:

  1. A brief self assessment
  2. Welcome to Online Learning
  3. Basic Technology Proficiency
  4. Using Blackboard
  5. Technology Requirements
  6. Netiquette and Services for Students at Hostos

Watch this video to learn how to access the module/workshop

Read this Brochure to learn more about the module/workshop.

And then just do it.


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