Hostos Science Rocks! An Ode to Happier Times

As Seniors all over the country lament having to miss their graduations, senior trips, proms, senior pictures. Thousands of  8th graders are also dealing with this same harsh reality. They are not getting as much acknowledgment as the seniors – but they are feeling it just as much.

Many 8th graders will move onto different high-schools and may never see their middle school friends again. They will miss out on the chance of graduating, of a moving up ceremony, dancing at prom – of closure on an important chapter in their journey.

The teachers at Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science’s middle school wanted to make sure that the 8th graders remember that it was not always so bleak – there were some happy times – especially in Science – and MOST importantly there will be happy times again.

Here is a video that the middle school teachers put together for the 8th graders to laugh at, to cringe at, and to remember with.

Sending love to all of my seniors. The 8th graders, 12th graders, community college sophomores, college seniors, etc. You worked really hard to get here – and nothing can take THAT away from you.


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