“An attack on DACA is an attack on CUNY” -FÉLIX V. MATOS RODRÍGUEZ

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide the DACA case in the coming weeks. The decision is likely to be delivered on a Monday or Thursday, June 15, 18, 25 or 29.  The Court will either decide to end the program, return the case to the lower courts, or to maintain that the program as legal. Most experts think the most likely outcome is that the Court will uphold the President’s ending of DACA.

Please read this important message from Citizenship Now regarding their social media plans pending a decision:

Thousands of CUNY’s DACA students are fearful of falling back into undocumented status, with deportation possible. The decision is expected around 10:00 a.m. On the day the Court deliver’s its decision, at 4:00pm CUNY Citizenship Now! Director Allan Wernick will go live on Facebook, streamed on CUNY TV, to explain the Court’s ruling.

If the decision is negative, we will provide students information on support resources available at CUNY and through other organizations in New York state.

In the case of a positive decision we would still go live to dispel any false rumors that students may be hearing. We would highlight some of CUNY’s resources such as:

  1. Dedicated campus “immigrant success liaisons” that they can contact for information on campus-specific resources.
  2. Access to CUNY Citizenship Now! immigration attorneys. Students with outstanding deportation orders will be given priority to advise on what rights they have and the possibility for immigration relief. Students with no removal orders will be advised on other forms of relief that could lead to a path to citizenship. 

If you have any questions, please contact Sofia Carreno from Citizenship Now!

The New York Daiy News published the Chancellor’s column about DACA and its impact on CUNY.

The Chancellor’s Emergency Fund was able to secure $700,000 in donations for our undocumented students. The Trump administration prohibited colleges and universities from using the CARES Act money for undocumented students.


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