Media Internships – Summer 2018

This summer Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science has 2 media interns. They are responsible for managing our two social media sites, documenting our summer, and producing 1 video per week based on agreed upon themes. They are both rising seniors and incredibly hard workers. Here are their first two videos – the first week’s theme was…

Reflections from this Year

Michael Steele is the Gr 6-12 Program Manager – Leadership Development and Instructional Support with the Early College Initiative at the City University of New York. Michael is also a brilliant educator. I appreciate having Michael’s guidance  to brainstorm middle school ideas with.   He sent around the following reflection this morning – and it speaks to…

HLAS – High School Graduation!

It seems like every week we celebrate the academic achievements of the Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science Students – and we do – because they deserve it. Today we celebrate their high school graduation!  

8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony – Photos

Below is a slideshow from our moving up celebration that took place earlier today. It was a beautiful tribute to the hard work of our staff, teachers, parents and students. We are all very proud of the student’s dedication to their education and all of their accomplishments.        

8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony – Video

Our 8th graders moved up to 9th grade today! It was a beautiful celebration of their accomplishments and hard work – now we are looking forward to them continuing on their journey as ECI students. As Principal Nick Paarlberg said, “the first step was walking through the door as a 6th grader, this is the…

CLASS OF 2021!

We welcomed our newest members of the Early College Program here at Hostos today with an orientation and a campus tour.  These are rising 10th graders who are preparing to take their first college classes this summer. I asked some of the students to share what they are most excited about – see their answers…

Graduation 2018

Take a look at these photographs from graduation on May 31st (check out the Hostos Graduation page on Facebook for more)! Our brilliant students make us proud!

What exactly is an ECI school?

ECI = Early College Initiative. A description from the ECI/CUNY website is below. Click HERE for the website. Early college schools are based on the belief that all students deserve a high-quality education that adequately prepares them for college-level work. The Early College Initiative (ECI) at The City University of New York (CUNY) supports seventeen…

HLA Playwriting Festival

HLA students continue to shine in a variety of ways. Last week this latest constellation of  star’s showcased their talents in play-writing, directing, and acting.  This is a yearly extravaganza lead by their playwriting teacher Michelle Defranco. Below are some photographs of the event.

Graduation – Class of 2018

This year we had 33 high school students graduate with BOTH their high school diploma and their associates degree. They are phenomenal students and absolutely our future leaders. These 33 students are not our only success stories. We have about 75 students in the high school graduating class. 16 of those students are graduating with…