Class of 2022 | My Letter to you

Dear Class of 2022 ,

You are so much more than resilient. Although, you definitely are that. Your commitment to yourselves, your dedication to your academic success and your absolute determination to get to where you deserve tells me that we are in good hands with you all as our future.

There are 34 of you graduating this semester from high school with your associates degrees and high school diplomas. 16 of you 34 graduating with both degrees have over a 3.5! ON top of that, 14 of you are graduating with  12 – 45 credits, and 9 with atleast one college class – the diamond level toughness you have shown the last 2 years will inspire me for the rest of my life.

In March 2020, many of you were 15 years old. You were sophomores in High School – you left school one afternoon and had no idea that would be the last time you would be back in a classroom, or you’d get to see your teachers, or get to hug your friends in 2 (ish) years. The world was literally changing under your feet – in real time. It was hard. It was hard for me as a grown up, I can not imagine what it must have been like for you. Somehow you kept going over every obstacle in your way, you just kept figuring it out.  But it wasn’t by magic – it was with your will and your support systems, empathy, kindness, and your own brand of fortitude.

Through the pain, and the heartbreak and loss you were rooted in your journeys. You were patient with professors and staff as we navigated zoom, google hangouts,and blackboard (sometimes all at once). You found ways to stay connected through isolation and you kept showing up even when you it wasn’t always clear what that would like or who would be there. You also held us accountable to showing up when and how we said we were (and you got your prom and senior trips!).

Thank you for teaching us what is means to handle life altering changes with grace. I am grateful for the lessons we learned together. I appreciate that I got to witness you reminding the whole world that the future is bright because y’all’s brilliance is our guiding light.

Love and Power,



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